Umbrella’s Aren’t Just for Rainy Days

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We’ve been giving our rainy day umbrellas quite a work out these days but hope is on the horizon as the sun is attempting to shine through the clouds today. Just as we are grateful for rainy day umbrellas when it rains, insurance umbrellas offer us special protection against a lawsuit as well.

Hulk Hogan wishes he had followed the advice of his insurance agent and purchased an umbrella policy. Evidently, his young son was involved an auto accident in which the passenger in his car was seriously injured. Of course the injured party turned to the insurance coverage of the Boella family (Hogan’s real last name). Unfortunately, for Hogan he had to pay out of pocket for any damages that exceeded his coverage amount. Hogan was also left with the attorney’s fees that would have been paid by the umbrella policy if he had purchased the recommended coverage.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine your need for an umbrella policy.
• Do you own a home or vacation home?
• Do you own a business?
• Do you have a swimming pool on your property or live on the water?
• Do you own more than one vehicle?
• Do you have teenage children of driving age?
• Do you own a dog?
• Do you own a boat?
• Do you have an “average” family income?
• Do you have investments or any degree of assets?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your chances of being targeted in a lawsuit are increased! Even if you didn’t answer yes to these questions the probability exists for you to be sued like a millionaire even if you aren’t one.

Carrying a personal umbrella policy can protect you against $1,000,000 lawsuits just as much as a rainy day umbrella can protect you on a stormy day!

For additional information please see the following links:

• Tampa Bay Online,
• Neefus-Stype Agency,


The NSA Group Suffers from Spring Fever!

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The spring sunshine seems to be having a positive affect on the NSA Group! It seems our team members are out and about in the community once again, working with our favorite charities and taking advantage of the change in weather.

Our first blog back in February explained how we might highlight charitable events members of our NSA Group family support and become involved with. It seems we have plenty to share with you.

1. The Neefus-Stype Heart Beats Team has been formed for the 2nd Annual Healing Heart 5K Run/Walk to benefit The American Heart Association. Our team is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for those affected by heart disease or stroke. See our team members and help us reach our goal by visiting our team page The Neefus-Stype Heart Beats
2. Peter Sabat, Senior Partner at Neefus-Stype is participating once again in the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch Annual Iron Golf-a-Thon. Every hole Peter plays raises funds for at risk youth and families in crisis.
3. North Fork Breast Health Coalition, supported by NSA team members Susie Bandiera and Annie Baulch, is hosting their Annual Golf Outing on Monday, June 27, 2011. Learn more at .
4. Rotary Club of Riverhead is once again presenting “Rotary Uncorked” on May 25, 2011 at Martha Clara Vineyards, supported by NSA Partner, Randy Morreale.
5. Mattituck Lions 57th Annual Strawberry Festival will have the assistance of our team member, Jay Wahl. For a list of the organizations helped by the Mattituck Lions club please visit .
6. LI2Day 8th Annual Walk to Fight Breast Cancer will have two of our team members walking and supporting the cause on June 11-12; Janet Gonzalez and Stacia Woolford. Click here to join the fight .

We’re super proud of our group and their caring personalities. We wish all of them and their worthy charities good luck with these helpful events!

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